About Me

Hi, Everyone.

My full name is Samantha but almost everyone who knows me calls me "Sam." Oh, except my parents when they're irritated or angry with me. Evidently their decision on what to call me still affects me in spite of the fact that I'm married with thousands of children (okay, four, to be specific). But I digress.

This is me.

I am a freelance writer and public relations consultant

I have children ranging from adulthood (20's) to toddler. And in between. This is them:

Me and my "grown-up" girl, Tassja.

Here is my daughter, Miranda, who is seven, and my husband Rick:

And of course, my two-man exercise program, my identical twin toddlers, Aubrey (in the front) and Erik:

I love 'em all to tears. But I'm still frazzled.

With 5,000 kids, I never know what's on the agenda when I wake up in the morning. On any given day, I deal with press releases and poo. Video news releases and vomit. All in a day's work. And home.

This is my life.